Saturday, April 17, 2010

The One With Our Spring Tradition

Every year, we have 2 Utes traditions in our family. In the fall, we always go to the Red Blue game, where they have former players from the U and the Y play a flag football game. In the spring, we always go to the Red White game, which is kind of a scrimmage. That game was today. I was super nervous to take Paige in the heat and the sun, but she was so great the whole time. She slept until the very end, so we just kept her in her car seat in the shade, so it worked perfectly.

Here's our first Utes Family Picture

Daddy and daughter.
Her onsie says Utes Fan Since Birth.
Too cute.

Touchdown!!! :)

She is 2 months old now! How crazy is that? Time sure flies.


Bobbie Tippets said...

I am also a proud Grandma. What an incredibly cute family. Your touch down pic is priceless.

Pixie said...

Way to cute! I still want that baby!