Friday, December 23, 2011

The One With Photo Friday - "It Always Makes Me Smile"

I'm trying to do a Photo Friday most Fridays, thanks to inspiration via my Pinterest.

Today I decided to do "a picture that can always make you smile".

I have a few of these, actually!

I have a couple pictures of Paige making funny faces.  For the one below, I told her to smile.  Can't you tell?  :)

Christmas Time 2011
The picture below was Paige's first Christmas.  We woke her up early to open our presents before visiting our 3 extended families.  She gave me a look like, 'Mom... really?  You are taking pictures of me NOW?'

Christmas 2010 - Paige's first Christmas
Last year for Halloween I was slightly camera happy (surprising, I know!), but boy am I glad I was.  I LOVE the smile she is giving in this picture & the way her head is tilted, it makes me smile every time I see it.

Halloween 2010 - Paige's first Halloween

Last, but not least, is my hilarious husband Ricky.  He took this picture to send to me and make me laugh, and it still does years later.  It's everyone's cell phone wallpaper in his family.

Rick the Rickster
I love looking at these pictures.  They all make me so happy & I love to remember back to those moments I was lucky enough to capture.


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