Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The One With The Year End Review

At the end of every year I try to do a blog post looking back on the past year & looking forward to the new year.  Every year I think to myself... 'what a year!'.  A lot happens in a year, I guess.

This was our 2011...
5 surgeries in 5 months between the 3 of us (and we are all doing well now!)
4 animal sounds that Paige can say
3 haunted houses visited
2 new jobs
1 graduation... Rick finished his masters degree!

Other notable memories:
Paige turned 1
Watching Paige take her first steps & growing some hair!
Watching Rick play lots of flag football & basketball games
Spending LOTS of time with our close family & friends.

This is what I hope our 2012 looks like:
Possibly adding another two feet to our home ;)
Doing at least weekly mommy-school activities with Paige.  Possibly starting a blog about it...
Possibly buying a house
LOTS less surgeries
Potty training Paige & de-cribbing Paige (wish us luck!)
Lots less time wasted (for Michelle) on FB :)

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