Monday, September 29, 2008

The One About Fun Times At Gardener Village

So, lately work has been getting crazy. It's that time of year again. I just wanted to update you all with little ones about all of the fun activities going on here at the village.

My work (Highlite Photography) will be scheduling 10 minute sittings with the witches for the little ones. We call it Wee Witches. Ask me about it for more info. We also have THE cutest frames. We have a new line, and they have some really fun halloween frames that are really popular.

Even just to get out, it's a fun fall place to come and shop and look around at the fun decorations around.

Check out their website for more info!

Sorry... I don't mean to be an ad, it's just this is my life right now! :) If nothing else, if you are ever here, poke your head in and say hi!

PS - The candy store gives out free samples of the best fudge ever!


Mindy said...

I LOVE the pictures! You are very talented, you know! I love bringing the kids to see the witches. We’ll have to plan a trip to visit their favorite aunt at work.

Michelle said...

Thanks :) They were from a field trip last fall. I would LOVE to see you guys!

OCCIDIS said...

That sounds fun lady! Maybe I'll bring Jaida in. She'd love it I'm sure.