Monday, September 15, 2008

The One With The Tag

This is a fun one... and I am bored . . . perfect combo!

I am: a girl, a fiancee, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a photographer, and a decorator. Did I cover everything?
I know: that my family is important to me.
I have: no money :)
I wish: I could get out of debt super fast.
I hate: being bored and alone.
I miss: my big paychecks :)
I fear: killing spiders, and heights.
I feel: a bit on the warm side.
I hear: FM 100 all of the time at work.
I smell: a candle burning.
I crave: fudge, chocolate, cheesecake and ice cream... sometimes all at once!
I search: through HGTV and TLC for John & Kate + 8 & home decorating shows
I wonder: why we do the things we do, when we know the things we know.
I regret: not being more careful with my money.
I love: a clean home and being with people I love.
I am not: as patient as I should be.
I believe: that life is for learning. (thanks mom!)
I dance: rarely.
I sing: in the car with my radio as loud as it gets.
I cry: when I'm overwhelmed and pms-ing.
I don't always: turn my tv off at night when I sleep.
I fight: with myself about doing things I know I should do, but don't want to do.
I write: in my journal more often than I used to!
I win: at badminton, but only when Ricky plays easy on me, or if he is on my team.
I lose: my mind and sunglasses and keys occasionally.
I never: go a day without checking my email if I can help it.
I always: try my best to keep my promises.
I confuse: myself a lot.
I listen: to others, because I think you can learn a lot from them.
I can usually be found: with Rick.
I am scared: of the future.
I need: attention and friendship.
I am happy: about life in general.
I imagine: me married with kids... yikes!