Monday, September 29, 2008

The One About Fun Times At Gardener Village

So, lately work has been getting crazy. It's that time of year again. I just wanted to update you all with little ones about all of the fun activities going on here at the village.

My work (Highlite Photography) will be scheduling 10 minute sittings with the witches for the little ones. We call it Wee Witches. Ask me about it for more info. We also have THE cutest frames. We have a new line, and they have some really fun halloween frames that are really popular.

Even just to get out, it's a fun fall place to come and shop and look around at the fun decorations around.

Check out their website for more info!

Sorry... I don't mean to be an ad, it's just this is my life right now! :) If nothing else, if you are ever here, poke your head in and say hi!

PS - The candy store gives out free samples of the best fudge ever!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The One With The Fashion Shoot

Last week Candice and I went out on a little adventure. She wanted some pictures of some of her clothing lines. We did the denim line at Wheeler Farm. Once again, I don't have Photoshop :( but I did what I could. I thought you might enjoy taking a little peek.

The One With The Sad News & The Great Friends

Well, it has been a really really rough past few days. Rick and I decided to call the wedding off. He just kept getting the feeling that it wasn't right for the past few weeks. So, we gave it a couple of weeks, then fasted about it on Sunday and unfortunately, decided to stop seeing each other. The first few days I was just miserable. Why would God do this to me... again?! Why had I felt so right about it, when he didn't? It felt so good to be in a happy relationship. I've been nothing but good to these boys, why do I need to go through it again? I was so hurt, embarrassed, broken hearted, and so on. I was a ridiculous mess on Monday, I kept wondering if this is what God wants, why won't he help me more? I learned a lot that first day, and now feel Him with me. Part of it was I just had to ask over and over again in prayer on my knees verbally. I was surprised what a difference a verbal prayer was. I really will miss my best friend. There is a chance that the time is just not right, but I am not planning on it. My parents were engaged, then my mom didn't feel right about it, so she broke it off. She and my dad lived in the same ward, but didn't talk for two years. If they can go through that, so can I. I waited a few days to tell people, but now I feel telling people is the next step to my healing. I am terribly humiliated to go to relief society. I had already started to not like it because every few minutes people would ask when the wedding was, and I couldn't tell them because of the paper work. I am so terrified to fall in love again. Part of me doesn't ever want to, part of me wants to take a few years to do it again, but part of me says bring it on. But, I wanted to thank you all. You have all been so sweet and non-judgemental to me, I cannot say enough how much it means to me. Thank you for listening to me, and for being there for me. I thank you for everything from the bottom of my (broken) heart. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The One Where Carlye Called Me A Bird Murderer - AKA Birderer

I was going to post something about Dr Laura today, but this definitely takes precedence. I just got home from work and sat down to edit my post about Dr Laura, turned on some good old HGTV, then I heard a really (and I mean really) loud smack!
Side note: Working at Ames, we had mirrored windows, so birds flew into them ALL of the time. In fact, one bird flew into the window a few times each hour for a few days (weird, I know). When Rick and I went to see Seinfeld at Abravanel Hall, he made a joke about how birds fly into mirrored windows and why they don't at least avoid hitting the other bird coming at them.
So, after I heard the really (and I mean really) loud smack, I immediately sent a text regarding this momentous event to Carlye and Rick. After sharing with them, I decided I needed to share this with you. :) I went outside and sure enough the feathered animal was dead. So what did I do? I took pictures! If you would like to see them, they are down below, but I understand if you don't want to see. :)
Birds often do things like this. Even Elaine had a bird run into her "giant freaky head". The Office even got in on this action and had a bird pass, and they held a funeral service for it (I'm not touching that sucker and having my own funeral service, btw. I am sure the cats will get to it before I go to bed tonight anyway...), and for your enjoyment, I have posted some quotes of that episode down below.

The Office:
Toby: Michael, look, I know this is hard for you but that's just a part of life. Just this morning I saw a little bird fly into the glass doors downstairs and die. And I had to keep going.
Michael: How do you know?
Toby: What?
Michael: That that bird was dead. Did you check its breathing?
Toby: It's obvious.
Michael: Was its heart beating, Toby? Did you check it? No, of course you didn't. You're not a veterinarian. You don't know anything!
Pam: What do we know about this bird? You might think, not much, it’s just a bird. But we do know some things. We know it was a local bird. Maybe it’s that same bird that surprised Oscar that one morning with a special present from above.
Kevin: I remember that, that was so funny.
Pam: And we know how he died. Flying into the glass doors. But you know what, I don’t think he was being stupid. I think he just really, really wanted to come inside our building. To spread his cheer and lift our spirits with a song.
Dwight: It’s not a songbird.
Michael: Shhhh.
Pam: An impression then. Lastly, we can’t help but notice that he was by himself when he died. But, of course, we all know that doesn’t mean he was alone. Because I’m sure that there were lots of other birds out there who cared for him very much. He will not be forgotten.

No Guts, Not Glory!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The One With The Peanut Butter Mishap

Today, I was having a rough day. I have been irrational, emotional, and overly sensitive about everything I could possibly think of (thanks to being a girl and the pill... that's a whole new post for another day...). I was feeling hungry (another culprit for being so moody), so I searched through the fridge for something to eat. Casadillas sounded tasty and easy. Problem: no cheese... Peanut butter and jelly sound good tasty and easy... Problem: no jelly. So, I settled for peanut butter and honey. I start spreading the peanut butter over one slice and get a text. I pick up my phone, responded to Ricky's text, and go to close my phone, but instead, I drop it on my peanut butter!! It gave me a good little laugh, so I decided to take pictures and share this experience with you. Now that I have had this laugh and eaten some protein, I feel a ton better. Thanks for entertaining me and letting me share this dorky experience to ease my boredness. Enjoy my pics.

Good thing I am getting a new phone soon!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The One With The Tag

This is a fun one... and I am bored . . . perfect combo!

I am: a girl, a fiancee, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a photographer, and a decorator. Did I cover everything?
I know: that my family is important to me.
I have: no money :)
I wish: I could get out of debt super fast.
I hate: being bored and alone.
I miss: my big paychecks :)
I fear: killing spiders, and heights.
I feel: a bit on the warm side.
I hear: FM 100 all of the time at work.
I smell: a candle burning.
I crave: fudge, chocolate, cheesecake and ice cream... sometimes all at once!
I search: through HGTV and TLC for John & Kate + 8 & home decorating shows
I wonder: why we do the things we do, when we know the things we know.
I regret: not being more careful with my money.
I love: a clean home and being with people I love.
I am not: as patient as I should be.
I believe: that life is for learning. (thanks mom!)
I dance: rarely.
I sing: in the car with my radio as loud as it gets.
I cry: when I'm overwhelmed and pms-ing.
I don't always: turn my tv off at night when I sleep.
I fight: with myself about doing things I know I should do, but don't want to do.
I write: in my journal more often than I used to!
I win: at badminton, but only when Ricky plays easy on me, or if he is on my team.
I lose: my mind and sunglasses and keys occasionally.
I never: go a day without checking my email if I can help it.
I always: try my best to keep my promises.
I confuse: myself a lot.
I listen: to others, because I think you can learn a lot from them.
I can usually be found: with Rick.
I am scared: of the future.
I need: attention and friendship.
I am happy: about life in general.
I imagine: me married with kids... yikes!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

The One With The Cute Newborn Pictures

Magyn is now a mommy! We had some fun taking pictures, a few turn out alright, and as soon as I get photoshop, I'll fix a few things. But until then, here are a few.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The One With The Wedding Plans Update

Lots of people have asked me how the wedding plans are going. They are going . . . nowhere :) Although, we still are hoping for October 28th, we cannot plan anything until the first presidency gives us the grand "OK". Both of our bishops need to fill out paperwork, and possibly do a bit more. They are both in the beginning stages. This process can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months. We are obviously hoping for the 3 weeks option. :) I will be lucky to know by the end of this month if we have our "OK" or not.

Why the 28th of October, you ask? Well, there are only a few Redskin games after that, and if we get any later, it's too close to the holidays.

This is what we have planned so far:
  • We aren't going to have a reception, but we will have a luncheon for family probably at a restaurant close to the temple.
  • We will most likely get married at the Salt Lake Temple.
  • I found a dress to rent that I like a lot (it's eggshell), but am still looking for cheaper options, just in case. I currently have a dress for sale, if anyone knows anyone...
  • We aren't really having colors, but the things that need colors will be red, black and white (go Utes!).
  • I want fun shoes, but don't want them to be like Dorothy's "there's no place like home..." (Since our colors are red, black and white... suggestions?)

And, that's about it... :) I will keep ya posted!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The One With My Engagement Pictures!!

Yay! We got our engagement pictures taken by my work. They did such a great job. You can view them online for 7 days. Here's how:
Go to
click on weddings
click on proofing
type in password "tippetts" (yep... with 2 t's) ;)

Let me know what you think!