Friday, August 28, 2009

The One With Another Tag

Well, here's another tag. Only because I found it on another friend's blog and because I am bored again. :)This was actually kind of tricky... I had to think for a while on some of them.


8 Things I did yesterday:
*Made Rick dinner
*Ate dinner
*Visited Magyn's new house
*Spent a little bit of time with Rick
*Watched Friends
*Talked to my mom on the phone

8 Movies I love to watch:
(I am changing this to tv shows... I don't remember movies very well)
* Friends
* Myles of Style
* Color Splash
* Devine Design
* Cake Boss
* Say Yes To The Dress
* Design on a Dime
* The Newlywed Game

8 Things on my wish list:
* Pay my credit card off, and keep it off (PS- thanks to Rick, we're almost there!)
* Go on a nice vacation out of country
* Go on vacation to New York & DC
* I wish to find a cheap 2 bedroom basement apartment, preferably in our ward still
* More money :)
* More time with Rick
* That my photography "business" was bigger (PS- I'm making a logo!!)
* That I had more photography "gadgets / toys"

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
* Being debt free
* Finding out in October if my baby is a boy or a girl
* Having a cute belly (I know, I know... I am going to eat my words when it happens)
* Maternity leave
* Having my baby
* Rick getting his masters, so he doesn't have to work quite as hard (he works from 8-8 m-f)
* Starting some crafts
* Visiting my mom more often while Rick works

8 Favorite restaurants:
* The New Yorker
* Olive Garden
* An Italian place in Vegas that we went to on our honeymoon... :)
* Any mexican place that serves chicken chimichangas & horchatas
* Cafe Rio
* Paradise Bakery
* Johnny Carino's
* Applebee's

8 People I tag... all of you!

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