Thursday, August 27, 2009

The One With The Couples Tag

I stole this from a friend's blog... thanks Jen!
The perfect solution to boredom.

1.)Where did you meet?
On a blind date.

2.) Who introduced you?
His aunt... :)

3.) What was the first thought that went through your head when you met?
I don't remember actually. I just remember being happy.

4.) Do you remember what he/she was wearing?
All I remember was he was wearing a black polo (courtesy of the county...) and jeans, and I had bought new shoes for the date... cute wedges (his aunt told me he was tall, so I was excited I could be tall too)

5.) Where was the first place you kissed this person?
This is actually a cute story... I will try to shorten it. We had just gone to the drive in's. We borrowed his dad's suburban for it (so we could cuddle in the back) and when we went to drop the suburban back at his dad's work (it was late at night), Rick started teaching me how to play guitar in the back of the 'burban. That was that. ;)

6.) How long did you know this person before you became a couple?
Depends on who you ask, but basically we were together ever since our first date.

7.) How did he/she ask you out?
He called me on the phone and asked me.

8.) Do you have kids with this person?
We are expecting our first!!

9.) Have you ever broken the law with this person?
I am sure we have.

10.) When was the first time you realized that you really liked this person?
Each time we went out I liked him more and more. The first date was fun, but probably once he took me on his bullet bike was when I was smitten. ;)

11.) Do you get along with his/her family?
Yep, they are pretty nice people.

12.) Do you trust this person?

13.) Do you see her/him as your partner in the future?
We're married!

14.) What is the best gift she/he gave you?
Hum, maybe the most thoughtful/memorable one was that he bought me a camera for valentines day, because I had lost mine... then I found mine 3 months later.

15.) How long have you been with this person?
Over 2 years.

16.) How well do you know your man or woman?
We know eachother very well... although we surprise eachother every now and then.

17.) What attracted you to him/her first?
Probably actually the first thing was that I could totally be myself around him... besides I LOVED how tall he is.

18.) Hair color?
His? Well, it's kind of a little bit of everything actually.

19.) Does he/she let you wear their pants?
He gave me his basketball shorts. But I wouldn't fit in anything else!

20.) Do you have a shirt of hers/his that you sleep in?
Only the basketball shorts.

21.) Does she/he make you happy?

22.) Does she/he have any piercings?

23.) Does she/he have any scars that you know of?
Yep, he has had 5 knee surgeries, plus he has some other random scars.

24.) Is he/she outgoing or shy?
He's outgoing if he knows the people he is around, if not, he's very quiet.

25.) Does she/he sing?
Sometimes he will sing to me. This is one of the things that surprised me about him.

26.) Do you like her/his friends?
Yeah, they are pretty funny!

27.) Does she/he have any tattoos?

28.) Does she/he look like their mom?
He kind of looks more like his dad... but kind of like neither of them!

29.) What is the most romantic date she/he has ever taken you on?
Hummmm. We aren't super romantic, but probably the first kiss date was our most romantic, either that or the date where he proposed to me in Hawaii... yeah, that one probably takes the cake.

30.) Do you have any nicknames for each other?
I like to call him Handsom. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

31.) Do you live with this person?

32.) Do you have any pets together?
One time we bought fish. I took care of them. They died.

33.) Where is this person?
Right now? At work.

34.) What is your anniversary date?
Wedding date is March 24.

35.) When will you guys do something next?
Tonight hopefully, if he's not too tired from working a 12 hour day.