Monday, March 22, 2010

The One With The Milestones

I was checking my email and following links when I came to a Baby Milestone Tracker. It estimates how old Rick & I will be when Paige hits some of her milestones... I found it kind of interesting, so I thought I would share it with you.

Smile at you in June 2010. Mom, you’ll be 23; Dad, you’ll be27.
Sit up in October 2010. Mom, you’ll be 24; Dad, you’ll be 27.
Say a first word in April, 2011. Mom, you’ll be 24; Dad, you’ll be 28.
Start walking in June, 2011. Mom, you’ll be 24; Dad, you’ll be 28.
Start preschool in September, 2014. Mom, you’ll be 27; Dad, you’ll be 31.
Go to kindergarten in September, 2015. Mom, you’ll be 28; Dad, you’ll be 32.
Lose a first tooth in April, 2016. Mom, you’ll be 29; Dad, you’ll be 33.
Start junior high in September, 2023. Mom, you’ll be 36; Dad, you’ll be 40.
Get a driver’s license in April, 2026. Mom, you’ll be 39; Dad, you’ll be 43.
Be eligible to vote in April, 2028. Mom, you’ll be 41; Dad, you’ll be 45.
Graduate from college in April, 2032. Mom, you’ll be 45; Dad, you’ll be 49.
They sure do grow up fast, don’t they?

It's so weird to think of her being old enough to graduate college, and just as weird to think of Rick and I at the ages of 45 & 49!!


Jerilyn said...

Wow! That is cool, yet super weird to think about! Oh! Your a mommy! I am jealous.

Pixie said...