Friday, March 19, 2010

The One With The Visit To Great Grandma's House

I know everyone loves a new baby, but my grandma absolutely LOVES babies.

I was able to take Paige to visit my mom's mom when she was only a few days old, and then again this week. It makes my grandma's day, even week, but it makes me so happy too. I love to visit my grandma, especially since she, well, is getting older. She is under 100 lbs now (hence why Paige and I look so big next to her) and terribly shaky, but she always has a good attitude. I'm really glad that she was able to meet my Paige. Especially since I had a special experience when I was pregnant, where I felt that Paige and my grandpa might have been together. So, it's especially sweet to see my grandma with her, if Paige really was with my grandpa.

My grandpa passed away before I was born, but I have always felt a special, unexplainable, closeness to him. I love hearing my grandma tell me about him, how they met, and his love for practical jokes.

PS- Paige's silhouette of her face is exactly the same as the silhouette of her ultrasound...