Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The One With Today's Grateful Post: Day 1

Tonight, Rick & I were bored, so I suggested we go for a jog.  I may or may not have been joking... I'll let you decide that.  Keep in mind, it was 43 degrees outside, Rick hasn't jogged since before his surgery in May, and we were both completely worn out from one heck of a day.

Well, he surprised me.  He said yes.

We threw on some running clothes and we did it.  He jogged one more lap than I did.  It felt good to get out and move a little bit.

For this month, I am going to try to post one post a day about something I am grateful for.

So, for today's grateful post I am grateful for modern medicine, insurance, God for helping us to get through (and time well) Rick's surgery, and for our healthy family.

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