Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The One With Today's Grateful Post: Day 23

Ever since right before General Conference, I have really been trying to do service on a regular basis.  I knew it was hardly realistic, but I wanted to try to do something for someone once a day.  It was very hard to come up with ideas.  Call me crazy, but I usually enjoy serving other people.  So, I was kind of bummed that it wasn't something that came easier to me.  I kept trying, but came nowhere close to my goal.

Well, November rolled around, and I started doing my 'grateful posts', and the thought occurred to me that we should not just talk about why we are grateful, but act like we are grateful too.  To me, that includes serving others.  So, I tried to renew my goal again and focus more this month on serving other people.  I still haven't met my goal of serving someone every day (unless you count changing diapers numerous times a day as service), but I have been much better about it.  It has started coming a little bit more naturally & opportunities are falling into my lap more often.  

Although I have a HUGE & never ending to-do list, I am so happy that I can help others, even if it's just by writing them a simple thank you note, or visiting someone who needs cheering up.

So today, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.  I'm grateful that it teaches me to not be so self centered.  I'm grateful that I can help make other's lives just a little easier or happier.  I'm grateful that it makes MY life happier (I had to throw something selfish in... huh?) when I do it.  I'm so very grateful for those that have helped me when I was in need of their service.

I'm not sure how this post comes accross, but it is something I am grateful for.  I'm not trying to say I am perfect, or toot my own horn.  I just wanted to blog (the reason why I blog is for myself... like a journal, and if people want to read it, I'm happy for them to) about something I am grateful for.

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