Saturday, November 12, 2011

The One With Today's Grateful Post: Day 12

As some of you know, every Saturday in the fall is a big deal at our house.  Rick is a huge enormous college football fan.  I'll be honest.  I had a hard time with it at first.  I remember having an emotional break down in front of my parents when Rick and I were dating (after about 1 year of dating... and I was totally PMSing... Rick was not there BTW), and while I was crying about who knows what, I remember mentioning about how obsessed Rick is with football.  I looked up at my cute dad, and I am sure he thought I was being so ridiculous   He was probably trying to hold in a smile, and if you know my dad, that's saying a lot.  :)  (I adore my daddy)  After that point, I was embarrassed that his love for football bothered me so badly.

Each year after that was less and less dramatic.  Last year, it was just the first week that I was uneasy, but it quickly faded.

This year has been even better for me.  I don't think I had one uneasy moment this season.  Partly because Rick has made it so much fun for me.  He cleans each Saturday morning while we watch (and sing to) College GameDay, he usually makes his famously delicious french toast for breakfast (part of the reason why I gained almost 60lbs when I was pregnant...), he's even stocked up on snacks loosely designated for Saturdays (that could be a whole other post one day, he got SO many snacks, I can't believe we fit it all in our apartment... and even got some great deals doing it too!), he grills something on the grill each Saturday night for us to eat for dinner (and they are always yummy!), and his brother & his wife usually comes over to watch some games with us (we have a really good time together).

Now, Rick is still super in love with his football Saturdays.  He still tries to watch as much football each Saturday as possible.  We still talk about (possibly) planning babies around football season.  We knew going into our marriage that we would need a DVR for our marriage to be a happy one (because of football).  But I have been able to let whatever was inside me go.

So today, I am grateful for... GULP... dare I admit it???... football.  I'm grateful that Rick has something that he loves and is so passionate about.  I'm grateful for the fun we have each Saturday.  I'm grateful that Rick wants to make it fun for me.  I'm grateful for all of the yummy snacks that Rick makes & buys for us to eat during the games.  I'm grateful for Bryce and Bre coming over so often.  I'm grateful that I was able to get over that uneasiness about football, and let it be something that we could enjoy together.

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