Sunday, November 20, 2011

The One With Today's Grateful Post: Day 20

Today (and for that matter, every week) we drove a lot.  When we go somewhere together, we take my car because Paige's seat is in it.  I bought my Lancer in 2006.  It is a 2006, but it was slightly used.  Although, it may or may not have been the smartest way to purchase a car, I am so grateful I did.  It did leave me with a car payment that took a little while to get paid off, but with some budgeting help from Rick, we got it paid off in no time.  It feels so great to have it paid off.  Once it was paid off, Rick & I debated selling it & buying a super cheap car to get by & have a little extra cash to put towards a house.  After months of discussing it, we decided not to do it.

I know that we are now in 2011 (almost 2012!), which makes my car about 6 years old (that seems so old, time has flown by). 

My car isn't the nicest car, but my car has given me no problems (besides needing a rock chip filled, and maybe new tires... but that was my fault), and I am so grateful for that.  (Knock on wood!)  That is the reason why I bought this car, because it was newer, had one of the best warranties, and I knew I could count on it for years to come. 

So today, I am grateful for my Lancer (ps, that's it name... clever huh?!).  I'm grateful that it has been a good reliable car.  I'm grateful that I like the looks of it, and think it's a cute car.  I'm grateful that it has 4 doors, so it's easier to get Paige in and out of it (I did that on purpose...).  I'm grateful that we decided not to sell it.  I'm grateful that it is paid off, and officially ours.  

I love my car.

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