Thursday, November 10, 2011

The One With Today's Grateful Post: Day 10

The past week or so have been, well, not as easy as normal for Paige & me.  Today, when I was giving her a bath, I noticed something new in her mouth.  Then I noticed 3 something news in her mouth.

Three. New. Molars.
No wonder she's been so grumpy!

Don't mind the cell phone quality picture.  I sent this to Rick on a day when Paige was possibly the grumpiest. 

Yesterday & today  she was her happy self.  I needed that.  It's been good to have her back.

Happy Paige

So, today I am grateful that Paige is normally a happy girl.  I'm grateful that (hopefully) she's back for a little while (she's a toddler, I know we will have hard days sometimes).  I'm grateful for the harder times, so we can appreciate the better times.  I'm grateful for how happy she would get when Rick gets home, even when she was having a really hard day.  She adores him, I can't say I blame her.  :)

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